3 Simple Tips to Reduce Travel Expenses (Without Sacrificing Luxury)

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3 Simple Tips to Reduce Travel Expenses (Without Sacrificing Luxury)

1 December 2014
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Travelling can be one of the greatest experiences of a person's life; you discover new cultures, explore unknown places, and meet some wonderful people. Unfortunately, travelling is often associated with extravagant expenses. Sky-high airline prices, hotel rates, and restaurant dinners, all come together to rack up quite an impressive bill—not leaving much room for shopping. Follow a few simple tips, and you'll be able to travel in relative luxury while keeping the expenses remarkably low.

Stay in a Serviced Apartment

Serviced apartments, like the Adelaide Dresscircle Apartments, are a fairly recent development, gaining popularity with the advent of the internet age. As their name suggests, serviced apartments are apartments that you can rent out for short to medium lengths of time, similar to a hotel room. The apartments have full access to amenities, and receive much the same service as a hotel room would (cleaning, fresh sheets and towels etc.).

The benefits, when compared to a hotel room, are numerous. First, and most relevant of all, is the price. It is widely known that cheap hotel rooms are often a disaster—cramped, dirty, and littered with questionable stains. Serviced apartments, on the other hand, can generally be found for a lower price than such hotel rooms, while eclipsing said hotel rooms in almost all aspects of liveability.

Serviced apartments are generally much roomier (often providing separate bedrooms), and they are equipped with their own kitchen, which leads to the next tip…

Prepare Your Own Food

Food, like accommodation, is a necessary expense. However, again like accommodation, the magnitude of that expense can be significantly reduced with a little forethought. Everyone wants to try the local food at their destination(s), that's a given, and certainly not something that should be forsaken. However, eating out every single meal of the day is not the wisest option.

Have one meal out each day, something unique to the country you're visiting, and cook the rest in the well-equipped kitchen provided by your serviced apartment! Not only will you save a heap of money, but you will experience a whole new type of foreign cuisine (grocery stores around the world have some interesting things).

Do Your Research to Minimise Local Expenses

There are certain expenses which are often entirely unnecessary, and can be completely eliminated by doing a little research prior to arriving at your destination. Methods of transportation, for instance, can range from cheap to incomprehensibly steep. Certain tourist activities, guided tours and such, can also be avoided if need be. The internet is a wonderful resource that will allow you to familiarise yourself with the destination well before you arrive, and help you avoid unnecessary expenses and 'tourist traps'.

With a little preparation, you can cut down the expenses of an international holiday without sacrificing luxury and style.