Important Considerations When Choosing A Skip Bin Hire

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Important Considerations When Choosing A Skip Bin Hire

18 December 2014
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A skip bin hire is a necessary step when renovating or remodeling any part of your home. You cannot put the rubbish of a home renovation project onto the curb and expect it to be hauled away, and a skip bin can keep your property neat during such a project since it can collect all the refuse generated. Before you decide on a skip bin hire for your project, note a few important considerations.

1. A permit may be required

In some areas, you may need a permit for certain types of skip bins, even if you keep it on your own property. Some skip bins will not need a permit--for example, those that are on wheels and which may have their own license plate.. However, always check with the skip bin hire company about a permit before renting, as they can typically advise you on any paperwork you need and may even be able to secure the necessary permits for you.

2. Choose the largest size you think you'll need

You may face an additional fee if you overfill your skip bin, as this makes it more difficult to haul away and empty, and a larger bin won't be as likely to overflow onto your yard. Many skip bin hire companies will have charts and pictures of the different bins and helpful tips on how much debris they will hold, so check these before renting. You can also ask advice from the skip bin hire company as they are usually familiar with the size you need for certain renovation projects.

3. Note restrictions on items you can toss

Rarely will any skip bin hire company allow you to toss anything and everything into a bin; restricted items may include anything hazardous, household and car batteries, liquids of any sort including cleaning fluids and flammable fluids, and oils including automotive oils and cooking oils. Some might also restrict mattresses or will allow them but for an additional fee.

Always check your paperwork before choosing a skip bin, or ask outright about restricted items. This will ensure you don't need to go back and remove certain items and won't face fines for tossing restricted items.

4. Note if there are extra delivery charges

In some cases, you may face additional fees if your skip bin needs to be delivered outside a certain zone, or if it needs special handling such as being delivered to the back of certain buildings where access is limited. Ask about these before choosing your skip bin hire so you know all the charges you'll face for its rental.