Moving house? Remember these special requirements

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Moving house? Remember these special requirements

18 December 2014
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Everyone knows how stressful moving can be. It doesn't seem to matter how organised you are, there's always last minute stuff to deal with. Whether you are moving to the next suburb or the next city, here's a comprehensive list of things that require a little extra attention when it comes to moving.

1. Pets

Poor pets. It's so easy to overlook the needs of your pets when moving house. To save yourself from last-minute pet hassles, put your pet at the top of the list and make arrangements for their needs right up front. If your move requires flying or travelling a long distance, you will need to organise appropriate transportation. Some removalist companies can assist you with organising pet transport, though you may want to consider using a company that specialises in pet moving. If you are moving overseas, you will need to check the quarantine laws of both the departure and arrival countries.

2. Valuables

Valuables are not just expensive things but also possessions you are emotionally attached to: a wedding album, photos (especially those taken prior to the digital era), that handmade pottery bowl, those 6 champagne flutes you save for special occasions... Whatever the items, these things need special attention. Again, put them at the top of your list. If you are moving within the same city or town, you can move these things yourself in your car. If you are making a short-to-medium distance move interstate or overseas, you could consider packaging up these valuables and leaving them behind with someone you trust, in a secure place.

3. Electronics

Just like valuables, laptops, tablets, cameras, your modem and all those chargers can be moved by you in your car. If your move is a bigger one and these items are going to be packaged up, do the hard yards at the departure end by matching up all your cables and chargers with the right bits of technology. Wind up cables and use cable ties. Label cables, too, if you are unsure how to reconnect them.

4. Vehicles

If you are moving interstate, don't forget about your car. Most reputable removalists will offer a car moving service as well, often door-to-door. What's more, if you use the same company that is moving the rest of your possessions, it will likely be cheaper than if you use a different company, so it's a good idea to check with removalists to see if they also offer a car moving service.  One thing to remember is that removal companies won't usually allow you to fill the car with possessions for insurance reasons. You car will need to be empty so take the opportunity to clean it out before it goes on its journey.

Overall, use moving house as a time to clean out, clean up and streamline. It will make your new home less cluttered, allowing you the piece of mind to get on with your new life. For more information, contact a company like Klose's Removals Pty Ltd.