Effective Pest Treatment for Ants

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Effective Pest Treatment for Ants

6 January 2015
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Whether you are living in a rural home or a suburban home, you are not exempt to having to deal with ants at some point in your residence. Most people my regard ants as a minor irritant but the fact of the matter is that if you leave them to run amok for a while they will end up nesting in your beloved home. This could lead you to finding ants in the most inconvenient of places such as in your cereal or even your flour.

Not only is this disgusting but also it is quite unsanitary. There are a few basic tips that you could employ to ensure effective pest treatment for these insects.

Home inspection

The first thing that you could do is inspect your whole house. You could start by checking doorframes in your home as well as any cracks that may appear in the foundation of your house. Cleaning these cracks and the doorframes will get rid of the pheromone trails that are left by the ants. The ants tend to follow these trails to make their way back into your home once they have been out foraging.


After cleaning the trails, you could look into two different types of baits that are commonly used in pest treatment for ants. These are the granule baits and the liquid traps. Both these baits can be set in and out of your home to ensure efficient ant control.

If you plan on using granule baits, there is a simple method to follow. All you would have to do is sprinkle the granules around your home and your compound. The granules then create a baited perimeter for the ants. Granule baits work well with any form of insect pestilence that you may be encountering in your home. The insects, including the ants, will either eat the granules or carry them with them to their nests.

You could use the liquid baits in addition to the granule baits or use them on their own. Ants tend to like the liquid traps and thus they are much better suited for pest treatment. The ant will carry droplets of this liquid into their nests and thus you can rest assured that they will be safely annihilated from your home.

You should set the liquid baits in all the areas that you witness ant activity. The more of the liquid they carry to their nests, the more worker ants that will be killed and you will have achieved ant control.

For more tips and assistance, talk to professionals such as Frontline Termite & Pest Control.