Moving Homes | 3 Susceptible Items That Require Precision Packing For Interstate Removals

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Moving Homes | 3 Susceptible Items That Require Precision Packing For Interstate Removals

12 January 2015
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So you've finally decided to take up a new job, but it means that you've got to make the move to another state. Moving an item is never an easy task, but long distances means that certain household items are susceptible to breakage during interstate removals. Loading your entire life into a truck travelling hundreds of kilometres can spell disaster if items are not packed precisely. Here are some common items that are susceptible to damage – requiring precision packing for interstate removals.


During interstate removals, some furniture requires minimum packing, while others require careful packing with special materials to keep them clean and safe in the transport process. Check with your removalist about special mattress protectors and commercial-grade packing materials for lightly-coloured blankets. If you're unsure about packing some furniture items, it's always advisable to get in touch with professional interstate removals services to check about custom-packing supplies. For example, round glass tables will need to be collapsed – the glass will be packed in bubble wrap and cardboard, while the bottom-half stand will need to be properly packaged and padded to avoid damage. Removalists will provide the right materials if you can't get access to it. 

Glass and Ceramic Accessories

Glass and ceramic items like plates, cups, bowls and jugs tend to be heavier. That's why they must be packed in smaller boxes. This makes it easier to carry them, and they will be less vulnerable to breakage. Wrap each item separately with newspaper or bubble wrap so that the glassware and ceramic-ware don't touch each other. When you place all the items in a box, make sure you add extra padding with bubble wrap and polystyrene foam balls to protect the items. If you're worried about them, mark the box fragile so the removalists take extra care in the moving process.


You're proud of the flora in your home, but remember that many Australian states have certain regulations regarding the type of plants that can be transported across the border. You might want to cross-check with the legal requirements of your new home state before you transport your plants. If you've got the go ahead for transporting them during the interstate removals process, stop watering your plants a few days before moving. Dry plants are easier and lighter to carry – and they won't leak into the cardboard boxes transporting them. Don't place heavy items on top of the boxes, and make sure that you label it as fragile so that the box is placed at the top and not at the bottom of the pile. Poke holes in the cardboard boxes so that air reaches the plant and allows it to breathe.

Make sure you properly pack your vulnerable items during interstate removals, so that you don't damage your precious household accessories along the way.