Important Points to Consider When Selecting Your Security Screen Door

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Important Points to Consider When Selecting Your Security Screen Door

21 January 2015
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You may be worried about your home security and be considering the installation of special screen doors to give you some additional peace of mind. Yet before you run out and buy the first solution you come across, consider functionality, practicality and maintenance as well.

When you buy good quality product you are expecting it to perform adequately, but you've also got to live with the installation on a day by day basis, and need to be sure that you do the job right from the beginning. So, make sure that you consider all of these points first.

  1. You have three choices when it comes to screen door construction: metal alloy, aluminium or steel. Each of these can be used to make a perfectly adequate security screen door, but metal alloy and aluminium are a somewhat weaker solution. As a consequence, the door frame itself has to be made to larger dimensions in order to gain the appropriate amount of strength. This may restrict your visibility and may also reduce the amount of air flow.
  2. Check to see that the corners of your security screen doors are made from solid steel instead of being hollow. When these corners are not solid this can allow water to penetrate into the frame at these weakest points. When this happens the door may begin to rust from the inside. As this happens any water that remains inside will become stained and will eventually leak out. This is likely to create marks on your sidewalk that will be difficult to remove. Ask your door supplier about these "mitered" corners.
  3. In the summer, home owners often had to deal with bug problems. To help keep them out, make sure that the option you purchase has got special bug-resistant extensions that attach to the sills. These will help form a good barrier.
  4. The best security screen doors come with felt strips to help you achieve a better fit. Be wary if you are supplied with foam tape that you need to peel off and stick onto the perimeter. These options typically only last about a year as they will harden and crack.
  5. Lastly, ask your supplier if they can match the key to your security screen door to the entry door behind it. This will make it a lot easier for you to come and go on a regular basis, as you won't have to fumble with too many keys.

Talk to companies like GPW Security Screens & Doors Pty Ltd to get a better idea of all your options and which one serves your property best.