The Best Times To Have Your Home Inspected For Pests

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The Best Times To Have Your Home Inspected For Pests

5 February 2015
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Pests in homes are a nuisance, and here in Australia, you have plenty of them to watch out for. There are pesky rats that like to hide in the attic, termites that live in the floors, ceilings and walls, cockroaches hiding behind furniture and even bees and wasps that can pitch tent under your roofing vents. This calls for pest control inspections that will identify if your home is safe and what actions to take. Read on to know when you should have these inspections done.

When buying or selling

One of the most crucial points to have a home inspected is when buying. Termites, for example, can greatly damage the structural integrity of a home, making it unsafe and expensive to repair. Identifying an infestation can therefore give you a chance to better understand what you're buying and give you ammunition for re-opening negotiations. Even if the pest infestation is minimal, getting an inspection before gives you a window of time to get the place treated before you move your belongings in. An inspection is also ideal before selling a home. This will enable you to reverse any damage done and sell a house without any defects, thereby avoiding conflict with the buyer later on.

Before renovations

If you are about to fix up your home or build an extension, a pest inspection is important. It lets you know if there are any affected areas that need due consideration. For example, before taking apart a section of your attic, getting a rat-infested area treated will ensure the rest of the house is not contaminated during the renovation. With regards to termites, an inspection will alert you of any damaged floor boards or floor stumps beforehand to avoid adding damage by building structures over these areas.

Annual inspections

Yearly pest control inspections are also important. You should set a specific time of the year when you'll be getting this done. The inspection process will unearth any mid-year infestation that may have taken place. By doing so each year, you create a pattern that limits your home's exposure to damage and diseases.

After pest control treatments

After you've had a pest treatment done in your home, it's important to have a follow up inspection done shortly after. Your pest control company should recommend this, but if they don't, insist on it. This inspection is important to evaluate the treatment carried out; whether it worked and if any areas were overlooked. This prevents inadequate pest treatment that may encourage re-infestation later on.

Once an inspection has determined that your home has pests, it's best to sanction treatment (from a company like Stewarts Pest Control) right away. This will prevent greater damage and movement of the pests to other areas of the house where they may be harder to find.