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There are a lot of great blogs out there that can tell you all about the latest luxury houses or that show first home owners shopping with 7 figure budgets. However for a lot of us, shopping for a house has to be a lot more practical and features ideas like being in a good school zone or close to a bus that can you get you in to work each day. This is a blog for people who are real estate shopping on a smaller budget and want a house with practical features (even if it looks bad). Lets' bond over Real life real estate decisions!


A Basic Understanding of Prepurchase Building Inspections

14 January 2015
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

If you are looking to buy a house, this could be quite an exciting moment for you and your family. However, buying property that is in bad condition could come to haunt you in the future. To avoid unnecessary expenses in the long run, you ought to have your prospective property undergo a prepurchase inspection. The following is a general overview of what a pre purchase building inspection is all about. Read More …

3 Simple Tips to Reduce Travel Expenses (Without Sacrificing Luxury)

1 December 2014
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

Travelling can be one of the greatest experiences of a person's life; you discover new cultures, explore unknown places, and meet some wonderful people. Unfortunately, travelling is often associated with extravagant expenses. Sky-high airline prices, hotel rates, and restaurant dinners, all come together to rack up quite an impressive bill—not leaving much room for shopping. Follow a few simple tips, and you'll be able to travel in relative luxury while keeping the expenses remarkably low. Read More …