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Real life real estate decisions

There are a lot of great blogs out there that can tell you all about the latest luxury houses or that show first home owners shopping with 7 figure budgets. However for a lot of us, shopping for a house has to be a lot more practical and features ideas like being in a good school zone or close to a bus that can you get you in to work each day. This is a blog for people who are real estate shopping on a smaller budget and want a house with practical features (even if it looks bad). Lets' bond over Real life real estate decisions!


Why You Should Hire A Commercial Cleaning Service To Keep Your Office Clean

3 February 2015
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Are you in charge of an office floor, and have not yet ordered a cleaning service? Spending part of a maintenance budget on a cleaning service is a wise choice because of the advantages that you will get. Are you not sure if the cost of hiring a cleaning service is worth the investment? Then consider the following benefits to help you decide whether a commercial cleaning service is worth hiring. Read More …

Keep Your Office Clean Between Professional Cleanings

29 January 2015
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When you have a busy office, it is important that you take the proper steps to keeping it clean. In addition to regular professional office cleaning, you and your staff need to take some responsibility for keeping the area clean. No one has to spend hours cleaning, but if everyone spent a few minutes a day cleaning up their own space in the office, it is going to be easier to keep the environment cleaner between professional cleanings. Read More …

Services Provided By A Property Valuation Company

28 January 2015
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There are a variety of circumstances where you may have to hire a property valuation company to help you determine what a piece of land may be worth. These real estate professionals are trained to value property based on a number of factors, and their appraisals can help you decide what kind of bid to tender on available land. So to help you understand what property valuers can offer you, here are some of the services they provide. Read More …

Chemical Free Pest Treatment Options For Your Home

26 January 2015
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There are dozens of treatments you can use for pest control, ranging from professional strength chemical options to natural options. If you are concerned about your families pets and children, you may want to try some chemical free pest control first. Here are a few options you may not have thought of that can help. Ultrasonic Pest Control Ultrasonic pest control is a hit or miss for many people, but it is still a viable option to try if you want a chemical free pest control option. Read More …

Important Points to Consider When Selecting Your Security Screen Door

21 January 2015
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You may be worried about your home security and be considering the installation of special screen doors to give you some additional peace of mind. Yet before you run out and buy the first solution you come across, consider functionality, practicality and maintenance as well. When you buy good quality product you are expecting it to perform adequately, but you've also got to live with the installation on a day by day basis, and need to be sure that you do the job right from the beginning. Read More …