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Owning a home in Australia as a non-resident

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Many people come from aboard and fall in love with the Australian lifestyle but cannot become citizens for one reason or another. Owning a house as a foreign resident can be a little more tricky than as an Australian citizen but it’s possible if you follow a few simple steps.   Gaining FIRB (Foreign Investment Review Board) approval  Before buying property as a non-Australian citizen you will need to get FIRB approval. This usually involves an application to the FIRB board but in some cases, developers will gain preapproval to sell their properties to foreign citizens which can help you speed up the buying process. Generally, FIRB approval requires the property to be new, which is defined as properties less than 12 months old which have not previously been lived in. The exception is this to when a property is purchased with the intent of demolition and rebuilding, as this still causes an overall improvement to the ‘housing stock’ of Australia. Due to this need for FIRB approval, most non-residents build a new house or purchase a new apartment.  Obtaining finance Generally, it’s more challenging to obtain finance as non-Australian resident. You can often only get mortgages that cover a smaller portion of the house value, than the typical Australian mortgage and there can be a lower willingness to give loans to foreign residents by Australian banks. It can often be useful to get advice from a mortgage broker or financier if you are looking for finance.  Getting tax advice The tax treatment of the home will depend on whether the house is being owner occupied or being rented out. There may also be tax implications depending on the overall value of the home and the time that it is held. It can be wise to discuss your plans with a financial advisor before you commit to the new home.  Buying with a resident In some cases, the foreign buyer may be buying with an Australian citizen, which could include a relative (such as an adult child who has previous immigrated) or even a new spouse. This can further complicate implications for FIRB approval and tax implications so it’s a really good idea to get advice before you buy.  Buying a new house is a big purchase. It’s a good way to put a foot down in Australia and really get to enjoy the lifestyle as you settle in one location. It can be a great idea to get some professional advice as you explore how to get your new home...

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Ways Property Management Can Be Profitable To You

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One of the most lucrative ventures you can opt for is investing in commercial property. These investments provide you with a regular form of income through rent, which also works toward easing your mortgage payments and ensuring you finish paying for the property in a short period of time. It should be noted though that for your commercial property to be successful, you would require a low tenancy turn over. This may be hard to achieve if all sole responsibility of managing the property lies with you. This is why it is advisable to enlist the services of property management companies. Here are some of the various ways that property management companies can help you turn a profit. Tenancy vetting and selection One of the key components of running a successful commercial property is having the right tenants inhabiting it. However, not many people have the time or resources to ensure that all the tenants they consider are upstanding and financially sound. By enlisting property management services, you can rest assured that your property is being leased to tenants that will not cause you undue stress. The property management company can take measures to vet whether potential tenants pay their bills on time or if they are prone to arrears. They can take it a step further and consult with previous landlords about their history with the tenant. Through tenancy vetting, you reduce the risk of having to deal with late payments or the accumulation of rent arrears. Rent appraisals on your property One thing to note about commercial property is that its value will appreciate over time. This means you have the right to adjust the pricing of your units in accordance to what they are worth in the real estate market. However, not many landlords have the time to carry out the research and property valuation on a regular basis. With a property management company, you can be assured that you will be getting the best revenue from your investment. The property management company can carry out appraisals as they see fit to ensure that the value of your property is always up to date. Additionally, they will create records that include all pertinent details of your property that could enhance its value such as the condition of the units, quality of the fixtures and more. All this works toward ensuring you are renting out your units at the most profitable...

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3 Things First Home Buyers Must Understand Before Buying Property

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Buying a home is a stressful undertaking for all buyers, least of all the first home buyers, who have a number of unique characteristics. From searching for suitable properties, competing with other buyers and getting approved for a loan, there are a number of factors that first home buyers need to familiarise themselves with before buying. Before taking the property plunge, it’s essential that first home buyers understand their local market, have a good understanding of their financial capacity, and know how to complete the necessary checks and balances to protect themselves. These factors are explained more below. 1. Understand the Local Market Before buying always do your research. Don’t believe all of the hype about ‘up and coming’ suburbs; instead crunch the numbers yourself. These include capital growth figures over the last 10 years in areas where you are considering buying. This will enable buyers to determine whether the suburb is experiencing a boom and where it sits on the property cycle. Don’t assume that suburbs with slower growth will continue to underperform; they may just be at the bottom of the property cycle and overdue for a growth period. If some of the more desirable suburbs are out of your budget, consider purchasing in adjoining suburbs that are more affordable. In time they will likely to enjoy the ‘halo effect’ of the more exclusive suburb. Another good measure to gauge the investment potential of where you are looking at buying is the supply and demand. If there is plenty supply available in the area where you are looking at buying, prices should be lower, but so will future capital growth. Where possible, aim to buy where there has been traditionally limited demand. Sometimes this can mean making sacrifices or buying an apartment instead of a detached home, but to ensure the home will be a strong investment, it can be well worth it. 2. Understand How Much You Can Spend It might sound obvious but too often first home buyers look at properties that they will struggle to afford. Before you start the search, get pre-approval for a home loan so you understand how much you can borrow. Always leave enough capacity for circumstances changing and factor in all costs including council rates, potential rate rises, stamp duty and lenders insurance if borrowing more than 80 per cent of the home’s value. Buyers should seek advice from a financial expert and not necessarily a mortgage broker, who may have a vested interest in signing up buyers to a specific loan. It’s also important to know when to walk away. Understanding how much a home should be worth based on the market, rather than your own emotional attachment towards the property, will help prevent first home buyers overcommitting at auction or overspending. Understand How to Complete Due Diligence Before buying, all buyers need to know what to look for that could severely affect the value of their home and the resale potential. There are a number of checks here. If buying land to build a new home, the soil profile, slope and gradient should be assessed since this influences the cost of building on the land. Also check if there are any easements of the property affecting where you can build. Check the flood and fire risk, and...

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Everything You Need To Know About Removalists

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If you are moving for the first time in your life, and you have too many items to transport on your own, you will likely have to hire a removalist such as Ocean Grove Removals. Removalist is a term for a professional mover who comes into your home or office and carries your furniture into a van or truck for transportation to a new location. But removalists are full-service professionals who do more than just transport your goods. To help increase your knowledge about them, here’s everything you need to know about these movers. They Offer Packing Services — If you don’t have the time to pack your items before a move, or you just aren’t up to the labour required to box your items, a removalist offers full packing or half packing services for your convenience. With full packing, a removalist will do the entire packing of your home or office, including wrapping and padding fragile items, and establishing a list of everything contained in each box. Half packing service is available if you only want the removalist to pack your fragile items, such as glass shelves, antiques and breakable items that you’re not sure how to best protect during the move. Half packing is ideal if you have a lot of valuable items that need maximum protection in a move. They Offer Unpacking Services — In addition to packing services, a removalist can also provide you with unpacking services. Similar to packing services, unpacking services can be full or half, in which a removalist will either unpack all your items at the new location and place them where you want, or unpack only your fragile items and place them in selected locations. They Offer Long-Term Storage — Many removalist companies also offer you the option of diverting some or all of your items into a long-term storage facility. You can either have the removalist take your items to a storage location of your choosing, or avail yourself of a storage company that has a contract with the removalist, which can save you money as you can often get a package deal in these instances. They Offer Cleaning Services — If you are moving out of an apartment, condo, office or house in which new tenants are arriving soon, many removalists offer cleaning services. Removalists will clean your entire premises, including kitchens, bathrooms, carpets, wood floors and windows. They can also clean the place where you are moving, so that you don’t have to worry about a ‘touch up’ before unpacking. Cleaning services may be especially important if a rental deposit is dependent on the cleanliness of the place you are...

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The Best Times To Have Your Home Inspected For Pests

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Pests in homes are a nuisance, and here in Australia, you have plenty of them to watch out for. There are pesky rats that like to hide in the attic, termites that live in the floors, ceilings and walls, cockroaches hiding behind furniture and even bees and wasps that can pitch tent under your roofing vents. This calls for pest control inspections that will identify if your home is safe and what actions to take. Read on to know when you should have these inspections done. When buying or selling One of the most crucial points to have a home inspected is when buying. Termites, for example, can greatly damage the structural integrity of a home, making it unsafe and expensive to repair. Identifying an infestation can therefore give you a chance to better understand what you’re buying and give you ammunition for re-opening negotiations. Even if the pest infestation is minimal, getting an inspection before gives you a window of time to get the place treated before you move your belongings in. An inspection is also ideal before selling a home. This will enable you to reverse any damage done and sell a house without any defects, thereby avoiding conflict with the buyer later on. Before renovations If you are about to fix up your home or build an extension, a pest inspection is important. It lets you know if there are any affected areas that need due consideration. For example, before taking apart a section of your attic, getting a rat-infested area treated will ensure the rest of the house is not contaminated during the renovation. With regards to termites, an inspection will alert you of any damaged floor boards or floor stumps beforehand to avoid adding damage by building structures over these areas. Annual inspections Yearly pest control inspections are also important. You should set a specific time of the year when you’ll be getting this done. The inspection process will unearth any mid-year infestation that may have taken place. By doing so each year, you create a pattern that limits your home’s exposure to damage and diseases. After pest control treatments After you’ve had a pest treatment done in your home, it’s important to have a follow up inspection done shortly after. Your pest control company should recommend this, but if they don’t, insist on it. This inspection is important to evaluate the treatment carried out; whether it worked and if any areas were overlooked. This prevents inadequate pest treatment that may encourage re-infestation later on. Once an inspection has determined that your home has pests, it’s best to sanction treatment (from a company like Stewarts Pest Control) right away. This will prevent greater damage and movement of the pests to other areas of the house where they may be harder to...

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Why You Should Hire A Commercial Cleaning Service To Keep Your Office Clean

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Are you in charge of an office floor, and have not yet ordered a cleaning service? Spending part of a maintenance budget on a cleaning service is a wise choice because of the advantages that you will get. Are you not sure if the cost of hiring a cleaning service is worth the investment? Then consider the following benefits to help you decide whether a commercial cleaning service is worth hiring. Improve Cost-Effectiveness Time that employees can spend on cleaning an office is wasted time for an employer. The cost of hiring a cleaning service will typically be lower than the money lost due to a decrease in the productivity of your workforce from a messy office. Just make sure that you hire a commercial cleaning service that is priced competitively. This is an important consideration to make, especially if you have a lot of office space that needs cleaning on a regular basis. Better Work Rate The employees will be more motivated to work in an office that is tidy and free of clutter. On the other hand, if an office is messy, then that could reduce the quality of work over time, and this can obviously cost the company a significant amount of money. Furthermore, your employees will need to take fewer sick days since less germs will be circling around the office. Make The Right Impression When a potential client enters your office, you want to portray a professional image, and part of that image will should be made up via a clean office. This is particularly important when making a first impression with a client. Also, your employees need to be shown that the management is serious about the work that they are doing. If the office is not kept clean, then the workforce might have a lowered amount of respect for the management. Flexible Timetable Most commercial cleaning services will be able to meet the hours that you set. Therefore, if you want the office cleaned when the workforce has gone home late in the evening, then you can get that. Most offices are cleaned during night so that the cleaners do not disturb the employees during the day. Also, if you need a rapid cleaning job completed due to an emergency, then that will also be on offer in most cases. Some services can turn up within an hour if your matter is urgent enough. For more information, check out companies such as Teddy...

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Keep Your Office Clean Between Professional Cleanings

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When you have a busy office, it is important that you take the proper steps to keeping it clean. In addition to regular professional office cleaning, you and your staff need to take some responsibility for keeping the area clean. No one has to spend hours cleaning, but if everyone spent a few minutes a day cleaning up their own space in the office, it is going to be easier to keep the environment cleaner between professional cleanings. Here are some tips for you and your employees. No Eating at Desks Many people feel that they don’t have the time to eat their lunch, so they grab something to eat at their desks. While this may be convenient, it is actually a dirty habit. As hard as one tries to be neat while they are eating, there are always going to be little food particles dropping. It is easy to clean crumbs or spills off the desk. But, bits of food can also get into keyboards. It will eventually rot, and there will be bacteria growing. A snack such as candy or a chocolate bar is okay, but meals should only be eaten in the lunch room. If there is no lunch room, try to find a way to set up a space where employees can eat. Supply Cleaning Products Your employees will be more likely to keep their work areas clean when they have cleaning products readily available to them. Don’t keep these products locked away in a supply closet. Instead, have a basket of items at each desk, including paper towels and cleaning products. That way, your employees have what they need without having to go looking for it. If they happen to spill anything, such as water or coffee, they can clean it up right away. Vacuum Daily If there are carpets in your office, it is important that they are not only steam cleaned regularly, but that they are also vacuumed daily. There is a lot of traffic in an office, and there will be a lot of dirt in the carpets. This dirt ends up getting into the air, and can cause a lot of health problems. Instead of having one employee being stuck with this job every day, have a rotating schedule so everyone, including you, takes a turn. Also, make sure that the office cleaning company you hire offers a carpet cleaning service. For more information or advice, contact a business such as SKG Pty...

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Services Provided By A Property Valuation Company

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There are a variety of circumstances where you may have to hire a property valuation company to help you determine what a piece of land may be worth. These real estate professionals are trained to value property based on a number of factors, and their appraisals can help you decide what kind of bid to tender on available land. So to help you understand what property valuers can offer you, here are some of the services they provide. Family Law Legal Valuations — Property valuers are trained to provide valuations for real estate properties that are the subject of a divorce settlement. These types of valuations are critical in terms of establishing what a property is worth, because a judge will use these figures to determine what is an equitable distribution of assets. It may also be valuable in divorce cases in which property has to be sold and the proceeds divided equally. Mortgage Valuations — A property valuation company is also valuable when it comes to determining the correct price at which a bank or other financial institution will guarantee a mortgage. This valuation isn’t just intended to provide a figureā€”it will also include any structural or cosmetic issues that could potentially reduce the property’s value if it’s used as security for the mortgage loan. In other words, a property valuer can provide a mortgage company with information that the property in question could decrease in value in a few years, which can be an important consideration when a mortgage company is considering financing a loan. Audit Valuations — Property valuers also prepare valuations and appraisals for businesses that are undergoing an audit review. Audits may be conducted for a number of different reasons, and by a number of different agencies, such as the Australian National Audit Office, the Australian Securities Office or the Australian Tax Office. Audits require a thorough examination of a company’s assets, and many companies own property that must be evaluated to determine if the figures are accurate. In previous years, big companies had their own in-house valuation departments, but the obvious conflict of interest involved in performing valuations for external audits made it impractical for them to continue this practice, and today, businesses hire independent valuers when undergoing an audit. Whether you are entering the field of land and property development, you are buying or selling a house or you are involved in a legal matter, you can get more information by contacting a company like McGrath Real Estate...

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Chemical Free Pest Treatment Options For Your Home

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There are dozens of treatments you can use for pest control, ranging from professional strength chemical options to natural options. If you are concerned about your families pets and children, you may want to try some chemical free pest control first. Here are a few options you may not have thought of that can help. Ultrasonic Pest Control Ultrasonic pest control is a hit or miss for many people, but it is still a viable option to try if you want a chemical free pest control option. Ultrasonic devices plug into your electrical outlet and are placed in each room of the home. Ideally they send out a high frequency sound that can’t be heard by your dogs, cats or children. This sound makes pests such as cockroaches and other bugs flee the area. It can take a few hours to a few days to work, but some people report that this is a viable chemical free option for them. Essential Oils There are certain essential oils you can use to help with pest issues in and around your home. For example, peppermint oil can be placed along door frames and window frames to prevent ants, beetles and fleas. You can create your own natural bug spray by using citronella, lemongrass, rosemary, eucalyptus and mint. Use other mixtures such orange and citrus oils to help with spiders and ticks as well. Plants and Shrubs A huge issue for many homeowners is termites. Deterring termites along with other pests can be an ongoing battle. There are certain plants and shrubs that can help with this battle. Hot chilli peppers are a common method to use since they can be used outside as well as in the home. You can plant the peppers as a barrier to your home and use the peppers from the plant to create your own natural water-based pest control spray. Food Items You may not think of food items as a way to get rid of or prevent, but there is some food that can serve as pest control. Cucumber peels can help prevent ants from entering your garbage and infesting the area. Cornmeal causes some digestion issues in many pests. Some will not return to what they thought was a food source while others will die from the lack of digestion that the cornmeal causes. Sage can be tossed on the outside grill during the summer. Lighting it along with any charcoal will cause a smoke that keeps bugs away from your outdoor area. These methods are designed to help with small amounts of bugs or bug prevention. If you have an infestation of pests, contact a professional pest control agent. They can remove the pests, identify the issues that would allow an infestation to happen again and give you preventative options for your...

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Important Points to Consider When Selecting Your Security Screen Door

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You may be worried about your home security and be considering the installation of special screen doors to give you some additional peace of mind. Yet before you run out and buy the first solution you come across, consider functionality, practicality and maintenance as well. When you buy good quality product you are expecting it to perform adequately, but you’ve also got to live with the installation on a day by day basis, and need to be sure that you do the job right from the beginning. So, make sure that you consider all of these points first. You have three choices when it comes to screen door construction: metal alloy, aluminium or steel. Each of these can be used to make a perfectly adequate security screen door, but metal alloy and aluminium are a somewhat weaker solution. As a consequence, the door frame itself has to be made to larger dimensions in order to gain the appropriate amount of strength. This may restrict your visibility and may also reduce the amount of air flow. Check to see that the corners of your security screen doors are made from solid steel instead of being hollow. When these corners are not solid this can allow water to penetrate into the frame at these weakest points. When this happens the door may begin to rust from the inside. As this happens any water that remains inside will become stained and will eventually leak out. This is likely to create marks on your sidewalk that will be difficult to remove. Ask your door supplier about these “mitered” corners. In the summer, home owners often had to deal with bug problems. To help keep them out, make sure that the option you purchase has got special bug-resistant extensions that attach to the sills. These will help form a good barrier. The best security screen doors come with felt strips to help you achieve a better fit. Be wary if you are supplied with foam tape that you need to peel off and stick onto the perimeter. These options typically only last about a year as they will harden and crack. Lastly, ask your supplier if they can match the key to your security screen door to the entry door behind it. This will make it a lot easier for you to come and go on a regular basis, as you won’t have to fumble with too many keys. Talk to companies like GPW Security Screens & Doors Pty Ltd to get a better idea of all your options and which one serves your property...

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