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There are a lot of great blogs out there that can tell you all about the latest luxury houses or that show first home owners shopping with 7 figure budgets. However for a lot of us, shopping for a house has to be a lot more practical and features ideas like being in a good school zone or close to a bus that can you get you in to work each day. This is a blog for people who are real estate shopping on a smaller budget and want a house with practical features (even if it looks bad). Lets' bond over Real life real estate decisions!


Owning a home in Australia as a non-resident

8 June 2016
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Many people come from aboard and fall in love with the Australian lifestyle but cannot become citizens for one reason or another. Owning a house as a foreign resident can be a little more tricky than as an Australian citizen but it's possible if you follow a few simple steps.   Gaining FIRB (Foreign Investment Review Board) approval  Before buying property as a non-Australian citizen you will need to get FIRB approval. Read More …

Ways Property Management Can Be Profitable To You

10 March 2016
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One of the most lucrative ventures you can opt for is investing in commercial property. These investments provide you with a regular form of income through rent, which also works toward easing your mortgage payments and ensuring you finish paying for the property in a short period of time. It should be noted though that for your commercial property to be successful, you would require a low tenancy turn over. This may be hard to achieve if all sole responsibility of managing the property lies with you. Read More …