2 Major Benefits of Climate Controlled Self Storage Units

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2 Major Benefits of Climate Controlled Self Storage Units

5 January 2015
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When looking for a self-storage unit, there are several types of units to choose from. The best type of storage unit for you will depend on a number of factors including the type of product you would like to store and how the product is packaged among other factors.

Climate controlled self storage units are preferred for storage of perishable and highly delicate items. There are several reasons for this preference, two of which are discussed below.

Provide Protection Against Harsh Weather Elements

Harsh weather is one of the greatest threats to the safety of your belongings in a self storage facility. Exposure to extreme conditions such as heavy downpour, snow and extreme temperatures can easily damage stored items.

A climate controlled storage unit is an effective solution to this problem because these units are usually located in indoor environments. This eliminates the possibility of your property being exposed to harsh elements of weather, hence increasing their safety. Additionally, climate controlled storage units are typically constructed a few meters above ground level meaning that they are less susceptible to flood damage.

The indoor location of climate controlled storage units is also advantageous in the sense that it provides greater security for the stored items. This is because it is harder to force entry into an indoor self-storage facility than it is for outdoor facilities.

Provide Better Air Quality

By design, climate controlled units are made in such a way that they allow one to control all atmospheric conditions within the unit. You can effectively control the nature of air flow within the unit, which subsequently controls humidity levels. The ability to control humidity helps to protect stored items from possible warping and rotting due to excess humidity. It also discourages growth and development of molds and mildew within the storage unit.

Climate controlled units are better than  traditional self storage units in terms of air quality control because they not only rely on air conditioning to cool temperatures within the unit. These units also employ the use of dehumidifiers to ensure that both temperature and humidity are adequately controlled.

Another advantage of having control over the quality of air in the storage unit is that it discourages accumulation of dirt and dust particles on the stored items and other surfaces within the storage unit.   

These are only two of several benefits associated with climate controlled self storage units. Learn more about these benefits through resources such as Ultimate Storage Solutions.