A Basic Understanding of Prepurchase Building Inspections

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A Basic Understanding of Prepurchase Building Inspections

14 January 2015
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If you are looking to buy a house, this could be quite an exciting moment for you and your family. However, buying property that is in bad condition could come to haunt you in the future. To avoid unnecessary expenses in the long run, you ought to have your prospective property undergo a prepurchase inspection. The following is a general overview of what a pre purchase building inspection is all about.

Definition Of A Pre-purchase Building Inspection

It is a non-invasive visual inspection of a given piece of property taking into account the fact that you intend to buy it. It is also referred to as a building survey or house inspection.

Reasons For Having A Building Inspection

Checking for structural issues- Buildings should be constructed in line with the codes and standards of building of Australia. In case you buy a commercial building or home that does not meet these standards, you are responsible for ensuring the building is up to code. Having the building inspected will save you the financial heartache associated with buying a house that has major structural issues.

Budgeting for repairs- It is easy to choose to purchase a piece of property that requires repairs because it is being sold at a discounted price. However, going through with the sale without an inspection might lead to huge expenses in hidden repair issues. An inspection allows you to determine what should be done to raise the standards of the building according to your desired level.

Smoke alarms and electrical wiring- Electrical wiring that is faulty could lead to a dangerous situation like a fire or electrocution. Moreover, if a piece of property has insufficient smoke alarms installed, this will increase the chances of injury or even death when a fire breaks out.

Determining the unsafe areas of the property- The inspection will show areas of the building that are unsafe and in particular, loose or missing balustrades, presence of asbestos or other dangerous materials and cracks on the walls. Knowing of these hazards will help you determine whether you are ready to foot the cost of ensuring the home is safe.

Evaluating sundry structures- These include sheds and patios. The regulations of the local council dictate where such structures are to be built. Buying a piece of property where these structures do not conform to these regulations will force you to tear down these buildings.

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