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There are a lot of great blogs out there that can tell you all about the latest luxury houses or that show first home owners shopping with 7 figure budgets. However for a lot of us, shopping for a house has to be a lot more practical and features ideas like being in a good school zone or close to a bus that can you get you in to work each day. This is a blog for people who are real estate shopping on a smaller budget and want a house with practical features (even if it looks bad). Lets' bond over Real life real estate decisions!


Important Considerations When Choosing A Skip Bin Hire

18 December 2014
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A skip bin hire is a necessary step when renovating or remodeling any part of your home. You cannot put the rubbish of a home renovation project onto the curb and expect it to be hauled away, and a skip bin can keep your property neat during such a project since it can collect all the refuse generated. Before you decide on a skip bin hire for your project, note a few important considerations. Read More …

3 Simple Tips to Reduce Travel Expenses (Without Sacrificing Luxury)

1 December 2014
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Travelling can be one of the greatest experiences of a person's life; you discover new cultures, explore unknown places, and meet some wonderful people. Unfortunately, travelling is often associated with extravagant expenses. Sky-high airline prices, hotel rates, and restaurant dinners, all come together to rack up quite an impressive bill—not leaving much room for shopping. Follow a few simple tips, and you'll be able to travel in relative luxury while keeping the expenses remarkably low. Read More …